Wemp Smart Vending Machine

Wemp Vending is a state of the art distribution machine featuring advanced software technology that will revolutionize not just vending, but advertising and customer data analysis.

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One Machine,
Hundreds of possibilities

With a large touchscreen and intuitive software, the system was created with advertising and data collection in mind. A Wemp machine’s interface is fully customizable, giving you endless opportunity for additional revenue streams through traditional advertising and product promotions, as well as the ability to interactively display additional product information. Wemp’s optical sensor gathers data that can be used to analyze customer foot traffic, impressions and interactions. Wemp machines are GDPR compliant.


Wemp Vending Machines Will Change The Way People Buy Products

In today’s fast paced society, on demand and on-the-go shopping is more than a novelty, it’s an expectation. Wemp brings you this and the highest quality hemp and wellness products to consumers in a digital kiosk that always has the answers, always has what you want, and is always open for business.

By owning one, or many Wemp you not only put yourself at the forefront of a brand and expanding industry, but you join an ever growing global network of operators who are taking advantage of the Wemp opportunity. Sypreading health and wellness to an ever growing consumer base while creating and fostering financial inde- pendence.

Wemp Benefits

Wemp offers a wide array of options that can be fully customized according to your needs as a retailer and specific customer demographics.

Extra Wemp Features

The Wemp app Landing page is a perfect platform to showcase your products and services in a smart way, this will boost the awareness of your cutomers on new products and promotions available at your Kiosks.

age control

Age verification system

Your customer walks up to the vending machine, uses an app to scan the QR code and instantly prove their age in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost to you.

By using the age verification system, it takes away the possibility of using faked or misused governmant identity cards, which give the retailer the confidence that all sales are compliant.

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